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FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 10:30am EST
up the u.s. debt. >> neil: for us in this country, we've got to worry because our debt is growing by the minute and what's going to fill the slack? >> i mean, the natural answer is china. that's where we're going to turn to and probably our own government. >> neil: but, china, in the indications last week, it might have a problem. >> what's going to happen the united states has to raise interest rates to make the debt more attractive because people can make more money off interest rates which will hurt our economy. so this trickle down effect from the natural disaster in japan and rolls down to the u.s. economy and could hurt our economy and our stock market. >> neil: and the flip side to that and in the disaster, awful as it is, there's a huge rebuilding effort and that that, that leads to a global-- >> yeah, normally happens gdp increases because they invest in the rebuilding of the natural disaster. in chile you saw it increase. and we'll likely see that in japan in the months and years ago. in the short-term there's so much devastation and the country is so heavily in debt it'
FOX News
Mar 26, 2011 10:30am EDT
. and the biggest demonstrations and rolling out i'm told in 20 european cities, at least 36 u.s. cities plan for similar type union sympathizing demonstrations in this country, whereof course, this is an extension of what happened not only in portugal last week, where austerity measures were rejected by the parliament and everything went kablewy and this is wisconsin and the union crackdown there, but they're all united in this one respect, they're ticked. and if unions win there, is that trouble for us here everywhere? after this. what does it take to fly? it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us. but if you run before the wind you can't take off. you've got to turn into it. the thing you push against lifts you up. so, every challenge is a chance to show that even in this crazy world of no liquids and route cancellations someone still has the passenger's back. and along the way we'll prove we're not just building a bigger airline we're building a better one. >> all right. still keeping sour eye on london right now. thanks got a little violent today and this is a sort of global demo
FOX News
Mar 5, 2011 10:30am EST
, but you can just start printing money. the u.s. is not going to default on its debt. they know that. this is just all about -- >> they could lower your rating without defaulting. >> but it's ridiculous because the chances of us ever defaulting, the u.s. -- >> it's literally zero. >> do you think our debt rating could get lower? >> maybe they would. it would violate their own rules. the bottom line is, i know why states get lowered. i covered municipal bonds, because they can't print money. so it does matter where tax receipts are, where unemployment is, what's going on with the economy. the u.s. government, you know, i'm not advocating, can print money. that's a separate -- >> would that be compromised if we shut down? >> no, not at all. >> do you see my point? >> my point is if you shut down, maybe we can make some decisions about what is important to us. >> you know, the -- >> the economy did not go into a recession in the mid '90s! >> but people don't like it. most voters when you talk to -- i know we're kind of in the weeds and i like to see them shut down to really do something
FOX News
Mar 19, 2011 10:30am EDT
the guy who commanded the u.s.s. cole, kirk lippow. obviously, all pressure on how to deal with lib yeah, how to deal with gadhafi, a guy whose he' gone back and forth on whether he was going to respect the cease-fire. he clearly has not. what do we he do? >> i think, neil, you're seeing we're doing it right now. we're working with our international partners, specifically the french and the british, allowing them to take a lead royal in establishing air superiority over the northern area of libya and then gradually expanding to where we know where the aircraft are, where the anti-missile sites are and beginning to enforce that no-fly zone. >> neil: so, what do we do? the argument, the final argument seen as a justified response, but a late response. that gadhafi has already got things full under control. >> i think there was a hesitation, i think unfortunately, the administration waited too long, we're now witnessing once again the slaughter of innocent civilians because of the hesitation on our part. this should have been going as soon as possible after the arab league voted should have
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4